3rd Edition

The book “Fit for Purpose

by David Anderson and Alexei Zheglov explores how companies can understand their customers and develop products that fit with the purpose(s) their customers have. It provides a framework to help you understand customers’ purposes, segment your market according to purpose, and manage the portfolio of products and services to create happy customers.

What’s new in 3rd edition?


  • Extended set of commonly recurring fitness criteria to include affordability, convenience, and optionality/adaptability.

  • New double-loop process framework for implementing F4P.

  • Extended coverage of OKRs and integration with F4P Framework.

  • Two new chapters and one new appendix.

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  • The full content of the Fit-For-Purpose 3rd edition book in English and Brazilian Portuguese – other languages are coming soon

  • Downloadable posters and additional materials

  • Interactive posters with mapped content

  • Explanatory videos from the authors

  • Webinars and demos supporting your F4P journey

  • Case studies from the field

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    What is F4P?

    The Fit-For-Purpose Framework
    is the perfect tool for business owners and product managers to make clear strategic decisions, greatly improve customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

    The F4P Framework includes guidance on: segmenting your market by customer purpose, determining the criteria customer’s use to make a selection amongst competitors, and a powerful call for action on metrics and KPIs.

    The F4P Framework combines both narrative- and data-based approaches to sensing customer segments, their criteria and assessing fitness. Your company can use these to serve their customers better and to find the right customers to serve.
    Understanding market segments defined by purpose and understanding customers’ fitness criteria should be among your business’ core strategic capabilities to ensure organizational alignment and long-term survivability of the business.

    “Extremely relatable, immediately useful!”

    Gabe Abella, Organizational Coach, JP Morgan Chase

    “This framework helps companies choose the right initiatives. Our product team is using the principles to drive more value for our customers.

    — Christophe Louvion, Chief Product and Technology Office, Episource


    David Anderson

    CEO, Kanban University
    Chairman, David J Anderson School of Management
    David J Anderson is an innovator in management thinking for 21st Century businesses. He is chairman of Lean Kanban Inc., a training, consulting, events, and publishing business, making new ideas accessible to managers across the globe. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the high-technology industry, starting with games in the early 1980’s. He worked at IBM, Sprint, Motorola, and Microsoft, as well as a number of startup businesses. He is the pioneer of both the Kanban Method and Enterprise Services Planning.

    Alexei Zheglov

    Co-founder and Principal Consultant at SquirrelNorth
    Alexei Zheglov is a management consultant based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He was first educated as a mathematician and a software engineer. Then, for many long years, he experienced how modern companies run into all kinds of problems when they try to produce and deliver complex intellectual products or professional services to customers. Nowadays, Zheglov brings pragmatic, actionable guidance to such companies so that they can do better. He does it by running his own consulting and training business, serving a variety of clients, each with their own meaning of “fit-for-purpose.”